An ad for autumn nights charity anthology. There's a spider in front of a moon as well as all the author names.

New Short Coming Soon


Hi everyone,

I’ve been sitting on it for a little while not, but I’ve got some great news! My short story Deathbed Confessions Aren’t Beholden to NDAs will be featured in this years Autumn Nights Charity Anthology.

Presale for the anthology starts August 15 (I’ll update this with the link when available) and is released on September 1st. All profits are donated to RIP Medical Debt.

My short story takes influences from classic horror tales like Poe, but with a modern twist. Combine that with a heavy homage to Adirondack Urban Legends, and you’re sure to think twice about wandering in the woods at night.

I’m excited to share this and will update when I have links.

Many regards,


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