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New Blog Topics, Same Old Frank


Starting soon, I’m adding new content to my webpage in the form of blogs focusing on my opinions regarding pop culture (movies, music, tv, video games, etc.). This is something that has been brewing in the old gray matter for some time, and I’ve finally decided to follow through.

To explain a bit more about what to expect and why, I’m going to interview myself.

Skeptical Frank (SF): Why?

Frank (F): Why what?

SF: Just why? You’re an author, not a musician or filmmaker. Why are you writing about pop culture? 

F: Because it’s a huge passion of mine. More than just the way we are tangentially exposed to pop culture throughout our lives, it’s something that I am deeply interested in. I’ve obsessed over music and movies since I was a wee child. I moved onto studying film and music around the time I entered middle school.

Since high school, I’ve been in various bands (most fell completely into obscurity with no one noticing). Through that experience though, I’ve seen behind the curtain and it changed the way I listen and consume music. 

I also have a degree in Media Studies and worked for a bit in the indie film world. During my time at college, my favorite parts were the actual study of film and television—the why. And like my time in bands, I’ve gotten to see the behind-the-scenes for the film and television world, which changed how I look at media.

And I read way too much about the history and dissection of music, video games, and movies/television. I obsessively read. Books about pop culture fill at least 25% of my library. Might even be over 25%. I think it’s about time to ‌shove some of that knowledge out to other people. Plus, it’ll give me an outlet that’s not annoying my spouse.

SF: Why not write about being an author?

F: I could, but there are hundreds of other great blogs out there about being an author. I could just do the same, but I would be doing it only to try to get people on my site and that’s disingenuous. I love talking about pop culture. I LOVE it. I’m writing this blog just as much for me as other people.

SF: So what should we expect? Hit pieces on pop culture you hate?

F: No. No way. I don’t hate pop culture. Plus, going back to the reason I’m not writing about being an author, there are hundreds of blogs and sites out there whose purpose is to blast what other people make. I don’t want to contribute to that. 

I’m only going to write about things that excite me. I’m going to champion pop culture that interests me. If you’re coming here to see epic take-downs, just un-bookmark this page.

That being said, there will be times when I critically look at pop culture and it won’t always have a happy-go-lucky tone. One of my first pieces is going to look at how, in a different light, a certain horror movie icon could be seen as a hero. That is going to be negative on sexism. But I only plan on writing critical articles about established icons. And any critical article will take a more scholarly tone and they will never, ever be “hit pieces.”

SF: How often should we expect to see a blog? Like every day?

F: (Laughs) No. I work a full-time job. I’m prepping one book for publication while writing a couple more. I also started a band with my spouse and there are always home improvements that need to be done. My life is busy.

The blogs will come when they come. I’m not setting a schedule, because if I do that, I’ll just start churning out crap or give up entirely. I want these to be thoughtful pieces, and if one blog takes me a month, then I take a month. But I promise that when I do post, it will be something I feel needs to be said and not just writing content to put out content.

SF: Thank you for talking to me. Hopefully, the blog is interesting and not just the rantings of some nerd.

F: I’ll try not to let you down, Skeptical Me.

I hope that answered some of your questions and I hope you enjoy the content as it’s released.


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